Wireless Business Consultancy

Our wireless and mobile consulting services from technology strategy and system analysis to solutions and applications development leveraging our extensive experience in WiFi, 4G LTE and WiMAX, GPS, GPRS, RFID, NFC, M2M, Android and wireless sensors.

Adya Systems consulting offers wireless and mobile solutions for enterprise and vertical markets, broadband operators, and M2M markets. Mobile solutions are transforming the way people work and play. They dramatically cut the cost of everyday processes, from ticketing to asset tracking and create new efficiencies by increasing the time that employees are productive. Companies need help understanding what solutions are possible, which applications are right for them and how they should prioritize their creation and use. Mobile solutions depend on a complex chain that often stretches from the user's device, through multiple mobile networks to a variety of back office systems. Putting them together and making them work requires an advanced range of skills and excellent relationships with mobile operators. Our wireless enterprise solutions offering combines many years of experience in mobile networks and wireless technologies with system integration, business consultancy and outsourcing.