Iceland is generally known to be a famous travel destination for most travelers, but it requires meticulous planning so the vacation would be worthwhile. Unlike visiting cities such as Rome or Paris where virtually everyone is familiar with the main attractions in the city, it’s not quite the same when it comes to visiting a city like Iceland.

To get you started, we have gathered basic vacation tips for you:

Iceland Travel Tips

Budget Wisely: DO NOT be deceived by cheap, Iceland is posh and expensive. Except if you are planning to camp or make use of vacation rentals; generally, a trip to Iceland would cost $6,000 to over $20,000 for a week, depending on where you stay, the number of people going on the vacation and the type of activities you plan to carry out.

Make Plans for a Lot of Driving: It is preferable to rent a car and pick just a region of the country, except if you want to spend more than a week; although that will still involve just as much driving. The distances between destinations may not look far on the map, but the highways are narrow and it can take so much time to get from one destination to another.

Choose Wisely: There are numerous activities to carry out but looking at it from the economic point of view, tours may cost so much and they can add up real fast, so make sure you choose your destinations wisely. For example, if you want to walk on the glacier, you’ll need to take a tour, but if you are only interested in seeing the glacier, you can do that yourself. The iceberg lagoon too, you’ll need to take a boat tour if you want to get close but you can see the icebergs from the beach as well.

Don’t Exchange Much Cash: You can use your credit card for virtually everything. You can have little cash in case you have to tip the tour guides and for tolls too.

Obey The Law: Needless to say, you need to obey every law. There aren’t so many police vehicles around, but cameras are surely lurking around every corner.