Clients who already have a development team in place but are looking for requirements analysis, architectural guidelines, prototype development, best development practices and pilot applications, we provide technical consultancy services. We have a development team of experts that can provide professional in-depth recommendations and guidelines for their development team to build upon. We provide training to our client's team on the technology upgrades so that they can move their application to the next level. Our team can assess an existing client application to provide inputs on architecture improvements, scalability, performance and security issues. We also provide consultancy to leverage and integrate the social media platforms, integrate various SEO techniques to generate more visitors and virally grow applications.

IT consulting: Ensure your business is robust and dynamic enough to cope with changing demands and conditions.

Strategy: Using environment audits, trends analysis and organizational profiling together with extensive experience delivering IT consultancy to organizations around the world, our technology consultants provide grounded real-world guidance on procurement, standby planning, logistics and more along with roll-out plans that help evolve your systems in line with strategic business plans.

Feasibility Studies: We analyze and assess the viability of new product, assess devices compatibility of the product and suggest suitable platforms for implementation.

Proof-of-Concept: We create simple product prototype to ensure that the product features can be implemented. It can also be a great start to show your business concept to investors/customers/business partners.

System Architecture: We design flexible and scalable product architecture.

Technical and Functional Design: We capture your requirements and create a blueprint for development team.

Requirements Analysis: We analyze and assess the customer's requirements and our efforts in order to bring your product to the market.

Integration: Manage disparate services and software with advice on the virtualisation and interoperability of your infrastructure for consolidation across systems.

Design and Code Review: We assess and provide our independent opinion on the current solution progress/code/architecture.