Planning your holiday in Sweden? There are plenty of reasons to visit this country, famous for its spectacular natural scenery, promising food culture, lush forests, and picturesque towns make it a fantastic travel destination. If you are not sure which places are the best to visit, check out our guide and don’t miss these places on your visit to Sweden.

Malmo – The third largest city of Sweden, Malmö is located on the southwest coastline, is the must visit place in Sweden to experience the multicultural from all over the world. Make sure to pay a visit to the famous Malmohus Castle, Folkets Park, Gamla Vaster, Lilla Torg, Chruch, and the Stortorget.

Ystad– A famous place to visit during summer in Sweden, Wallander’s Ystad is a beautiful small town located in the area of Skåne. The movies of Wallander have made it even more famous among tourists.

Stockholm Archipelago – With more than 30,000 islands, Stockholm archipelago is a unique vacation paradise. The best way to explore the Stockholm islands via ferry or rent a sailboat to make your way around. Enjoy the outdoor activities like Kayaking, hiking, swimming and ice yacht here.

Uppsala– One of the oldest city, Uppsala is a worth visiting place in Sweden. Home to Scandinavia’s oldest university and the massive Uppsala Cathedral, the city is incidentally the focal point of Christianity in the nation. Other famous attractions of the city are Uppsala Castle and the Old Town.

Swedish Lapland– Located on the Northwest part, filled up with lakes, glaciers, lush forests and majestic mountains Laponia is one of the less-visited destinations in Sweden. Travelers can enjoy the hiking on the world famous Kings trail, go for skiing, canoeing, river rafting, dog sledding and cycling here.

Koster– Sweden’s first marine national park offers some scenic views, wildlife, and beautiful nature. The Koster is also an attractive destination for outdoor activities.

Gotland– Sweden largest island, Gotland is located in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Experience the unique landscapes, picturesque sandy beaches and the constant presence of the sea in the Gotland. If you’re really into the medieval heritage and culture, you should visit Visby during the medieval week

Stockholm-Capital of Sweden, Stockholm is a beautiful city in Sweden. When you are in Stockholm a visit to the famous historical highlights, include, the Vasa Museum, Skansen Museum, Stockholm Palace and Drottningholm Palace is a must.

Gothenburg– No doubt, Gothenburg is one of the best places to visit in Sweden. Located on the west coastline of Sweden, Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, known for its vibrant nightlife, café, shopping malls, and the nearby areas filled with the natural beauty.

Marstrand– Marstrand is a beautiful island with unique architecture, picturesque houses and a favorite place for boat life. Visitors can leisurely walk around in the harbor and enjoy the view of beautiful boats, make sure to stop over to look at an art exhibition at the art gallery in Marstrand.

With the above list of 10 best places to visit in Sweden, we hope your bags are packed and ready to visit these fantastic cities for a memorable vacation!