Russia is a beautiful country blessed with a unique geodiversity, such as its dominating snow-capped peaks, it’s serene deep lakes, golden sand dunes, the freezing tundra, high waterfalls, glaciers, and thousands of rivers flowing through its villages and famous national parks. However, Russia is a blend of nature and modern cities and has a lot more to offer than soothing natural sceneries. It has given the world so many incredible works of art like its majestic palaces, and top-notch cities whose drama and majesty have inspired endless writers, poets, painters, sculptors, etc. for centuries. Here are our favorite places to visit in Russia –

  1. Moscow

Moscow has a long and intriguing history and is the birthplace of some of the world’s most iconic art and culture, as well as the world’s biggest community of billionaires. The capital city of Russia is a luxurious mega metropolitan city full of awe-inspiring art galleries, posh restaurants and shopping hubs, history, culture, and a crazy nightlife.

Some of the most visited tourist attractions of the city are the grand Red Square, the iconic Kremlin, the red-brick towers, its historic beautiful churches, impressive literature and rat museums, and many other historic sights.

  1. St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is considered to be the country’s most European and forward-looking town. It is an amazing tourist attraction, specifically or history, and culture aficionados. It has over 2,000 libraries, 220 museums, and 80 theatres, alongside hundred of beautiful art galleries, the famous bohemian cafes, modern underground clubs, and cool hostels for backpackers and tramps with minimalist Scandinavian interiors. The city is also world-famous for its great museums, like the iconic Hermitage and the Russian Museum, the modern Nevsky Prospekt, the literature museums of great writers like Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and many others.

  1. Kizhi Island

Although the Kishi is not as popular among tourists as Moscow and St Petersburg are, but it is an equally wonderful Russian attraction located in the Lake Onega. Its amazing open-air museum is a one-of-a-kind complex, that houses several historical, cultural, and natural exhibitions. The amazing collection of wooden structures here is a must-visit, many of them have become a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list,  dating back as far in time as the 14th century.