So you only have a day in Rio de Janeiro? We all know this city is a gem in Brazil and a 24-hour stay is not enough to tour all over the place. But here’s a tip – if you know some highlights then you might be able to cover as many places as you can in Rio. The key is to organize your schedule well and have an idea what to do when you are in Rio. Here is an example of how a day trip in Rio feels like.

 An overview of a day tour in Rio

A day trip in Rio is a comprehensive 8 hour tour which covers the top most attraction in the city starting from Christ the Redeemer and travelling through the mighty forest of Tijuca.  The tour is even made more exciting as you travel by cable car from Urca to Sugarloaf and the Sambadrome while enjoying the sight from above.  If you feel hungry in the middle of your trip, you can stop by Maracana to eat Brazil’s most popular steak before checking out the awe-inspiring stadium in Maracana and Sambadrome.

Departure and Return

A day trip in Rio de Janeiro basically includes a pick-up service. This means you don’t have to worry about your transportation as it will be included in your booking. All you need to prepare yourself and make sure you are ready before the pick-up time. There are many pick-up points in Rio such as in Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leme. You need to keep in touch with the touring agency in order to stay updated.

What to bring during your day tour

As you may know, Rio de Janeiro is an iconic city. Of course, you need to bring your camera to take exciting pictures throughout your tour. There are many instagrammable places to spot on and strike your poses. However, what is more important is that you bring your own drinks. Most tours do not usually include water or soda which is why bringing your own will save you a lot of troubles down the road.

Cost of Rio de Janeiro day tour

The cheapest deal you can get for a day tour in Rio starts from $90 but this excludes food and beverage. The choice of hotel and restaurants may also cause the price to vary. It is best that you bring extra cash especially if you also plan to shop for souvenirs.